Connecting Dots

While I was fooling around the Play store I found this recently released nice, simple and very addictive game. It’s called the Dots. The funny thing about this game is that once you get started playing it you won’t feel bored even it just has to do the same thing over and over again.

The experience that I felt was somewhat different from other games I have played before (but this could be only me). I think the main psychological factor that keeps me in the game is its simplicity and the options you get to boost your score and the opportunity you get to use those options. So there should be also a bit of a planning involved.

Talking about the game basics there are two game mods “Time mode” and “Moves mode”. In time mode there’s a timer which runs for 60 seconds for a single round, so all your connecting skills should be used in this time frame. And in moves mode you’ll get 30 moves to scream at in a round. I usually go with the Time mode because it is fun and challenging.

Once you filled your bucket with enough earned dots you can go ahead and acquire one or more above mentioned options. They call these options as Power Ups.

Here I will list those Power Ups

  • Time Stops: With this Power Up you can hold off your timer for 5 seconds and it requires 1000 dots for 5 tryouts. It’s a pretty neat Power Up by the way. (In moves mode you’ll get extra five moves)
  • Shrinkers: This Power Up just shrinks any dot from the board. You just have to double tap on a dot. It requires 500 dots for five tryouts and can be used only once in a round.
  • Expanders: This Power Up I haven’t used yet. As described it removes all the same color dots. It requires 5000 dots for five tryouts. This Power Up will definitely come in handy.

That’s pretty much it about this beautiful game. If you are bored or trying to eat up some free time this game will certainly do the job for you.

So here’s the Play store URL give it a try

Some screen shots (from my Nexus 4)



I noticed something new in the game’s About section. Actually it was already there but I wasn’t so curious to check it out.
There are few sections, most of them has quotes of wisdom by an admired person.  But one of them has this funny little dots of all colors and you can tap on them, which will eventually makes a unique sound for each dot.

Here, check out some screen shots:-

Screenshot_2013-09-20-22-44-53 Screenshot_2013-09-20-22-45-50 Screenshot_2013-09-20-22-46-00 Screenshot_2013-09-20-22-46-17 Screenshot_2013-09-20-22-46-26


Dealing with DLC’s in Playstation Network


Are you a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer? Your criteria or purpose doesn’t matter in gaming you do it to entertain yourself. There’s a point that you always want so badly to extend your gaming experience and that’s where you want to deal with DLC’s (downloadable contents).

PS3 DLC’s and region free games

Playstation 3 games are region free in fact there’s no region restrictions like in Xbox 360.  Games made for Europe (EU) playable in both Asia or North America (NTSC) but when it comes to DLC’s there’s a region restriction based game’s region. Lets think if you have a game made for EU and you downloaded some DLC’s from your NTSC account  and there’s a restriction that you cannot use it with your game. So it’s always good to follow a one direction either you buy games matching to your PSN (Playstation Network) accounts region or keep a separate PSN account for buying DLC’s that matches your game’s region.

Non-supported Playstation Network countries

When you are creating a PSN account you have to select a country in order to complete the registrations process, but what if your country not listed as a selection. Some countries  (most of Asian countries) are not supported by PSN it self but do not worry you can still create an account. As mentioned above you have to create an account(s) according to one of the two options. Here’s a step-by-step guide of how you can create a PSN account

I recommend creating a PSN account selecting USA as the country if you are country is not listed. Because most DLC’s and game merchandise are releases early in North America also it’s kind of easy to handle payments in US currencies.

Payment options and PSN wallet

Now you know the restrictions and the complications that you may have face when dealing with DLC’s. Lets look in to payment options that PSN provides for adding funds to your wallet in order to purchase DLC’s and game merchandise. PlayStation Network provides two options of payment methods :-

  • Pyastation Network card (PSN card)
  • Credit/Debit (International Visa) card


to be contained  …